Globe Encyclopaedia of Universal Information, 1878 - old map of Liverpool print

Globe Encyclopaedia of Universal Information, 1878 - old map of Liverpool print

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This map shows the River Mersey at the bottom, much like some of the other old maps of Liverpool in the collection (such as the Plan of Liverpool from the Royal Atlas of England and Wales (1898),. This allows the engraver to show the full width of the town in landscape format.

Even by the time this map was produced, terraced housing has not yet encroached on Stanley Park. Edge Hill Station is still on the edge of town.

Another fascinating feature is the list of “Public Buildings, Institutions etc” at the bottom of the map, numbering buildings dotted around Victorian Liverpool.

Even Wirral gets some love, with a detailed plan of Birkenhead's streets, and some buildings labelled here too. Thus we get a good panorama of Liverpool and the surrounding countryside in the Victorian period.

See a zoomable high resolution version of the 1878: Globe Encyclopedia of Universal Information, along with all the other old maps of Liverpool in the Historic Liverpool collection.

Print of old map of Liverpool

This is a beautiful piece of art in its own right, making it a wonderful object to hang in your home, and the high quality of the paper makes it perfect for framing.

Note that this map was originally 131cm (51") x 107cm (41"). To get the full detail of this map you must buy a print of at least that size. If one is not available then please contact me for a quote on an original sized print. I can't guarantee you'll be able to read the street names if you buy a postcard-sized one! :)

Note that the images on this page don’t give a great impression of just how good this map is, because the imagery has been compressed. This is a high definition print of a large digital file.


    • High resolution mapping – hugely detailed!
    • Beautiful Victorian workmanship
    • Printed on weighty archival paper

      Whether as a gift for a loved one, or to treat yourself to something for hanging in the study, this map is a fascinating piece of history you’ll want to study again and again!